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This is our selection of domains available for purchase at the moment, and we regularly add exciting new options each week.


What type of domains are available on Domain Space?

Domain Space sells premium .com domains that are brandable, descriptive, and have a good track record. The team hand-picks domains around topics that are on trend and in demand, with the potential to become valuable businesses if developed.

How does buying a domain with Domain Space work?

Buying a domain with Domain Space is a straightforward process. First, select the domain you want to buy. Then, complete the purchase process through the service. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive instructions and transfer instructions immediately.

Are the domains on Domain Space curated?

Yes! Our name discovery process starts with looking through thousands of potential names, of which we select only a handful which can be strong brands or great SEO websites. These names are further screened based on memorability, length and potential to develop revenue-generating assets.